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How can you leverage social media groups or messages disappear

Telegram Telegram is an instant messaging application that was launched in 2013 and currently has more than 400 million active users each month. It is a very interesting alternative for brands, since it has functions with which you can boost marketing . One of these is to create custom bots for your company and the types of clients you deal with. It also allows you to create super groups where up to 200,000 users and channels that have no limit of participants can participate. Through these you can communicate with your clients and target audience and create a community. On the other hand, it gives you the option to configure your messages to be sent automatically on a set date and time. You can make finds, share all types of content through broadcast lists and more.

Application so that messages disappear

It is open source and totally free. Unlike other applications, Signal allows you to send conventional text messages to users who do not have the application installed. Each type of message is identified with Romania Phone Number List a colored bubble. Green is for conventional messages while those that have been sent using a data network are blue. Post: Best payment methods for your ecommerce All messages you send are encrypted . This means that only the person who receives them can read them. You can also configure the application so that messages disappear after a certain period of time. It is an application that is gradually gaining ground and in the coming months they plan to integrate options to create user groups. They recently added support for iPads, single view images and videos, stickers, and the option to send reactions.

A platform that has more than 250 million

Signal is a field little explored by companies and brands for marketing. But this is expected to change in 2021. It is an ideal platform to communicate with your clients in a much more direct and discreet way. They Ecuador WhatsApp Number List will feel more confident in sharing their information thanks to the security of the system. Line It is a platform that has more than 250 million users. It was created in Japan and launched in 2011. It has a large number of functions that will help you carry out marketing actions. One of the most interesting is to carry out surveys within the chats and Line Card. The latter allows you to congratulate any holiday with a digital card. You can also make video calls with up to 200 people simultaneously, which you could take advantage.

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