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IU will pay Bankia the debt of 2.3 million Cayo

Lara has told Goirigolzarri that he will make the payments because he does not want to be accused of a bank having forgiven him money Ferraz accuses IU of launching the rumor of a PP-PSOE concentration government Podemos marks distances: “We are the left, not the IU veterans” The least known personal advisor of Luis de Guindos: Goirigolzarri . Bankia restructures branches zquierda Unida has told the Bankia leadership that it will face the debt it has outstanding with the entity. They argue that the credit granted to the training does not expire until 2037 and so far it is up to date with payment. In the training they remind El Confidencial Digital that “never” has any bank forgiven them a euro , “something that neither the PP nor the PSOE can boast about.

The eader of Izquierda Unid

Cayo Lara, had requested a meeting with the president of Bankia, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, to “clarify the situation of the loans” to his party after the publication in the newspaper El Mundo that the entity considers them to be high risk of default. In fact, at IU they explain to ECD that their intention is to settle their Belgium Phone Number List  debt with  Bankia despite  the fact that they recognize that they are going through a difficult economic time. This has also been communicated in recent hours to the management of the entity . They are not willing, they admit, to be accused of a bank forgiving them money , when it has been one of the parties that has most criticized the rescue of entities with public money. They highlight that the loan does not mature until 2037, so “there is still time ahead to pay it back. We always pay our debts ,” they warn. Therefore, they see “no basis” in the entity’s fears about the possibility of not collecting that money.

They have to return around 30 euros

However, it is very likely that the electricity bill will not ultimately suffer as large an increase as the data provided would require. The companies must return to consumers 310 million for what they overcharged in the first quarter of this year. The Government established a compensation mechanism that set the price of Argentina Phone Number List  electricity for the first three months of the year at 48.48 euros per megawatt/hour (Mwh). This means that the electricity companies have to return the extra money billed because the market price at the end of the first quarter was considerably lower (26.27 euros per Mwh). The amount to be returned to each small consumer will depend on their consumption. For a typical consumer with 3.3 kilowatts of contracted power and 3,000 kWh of annual consumption , 25.5 euros will be returned .

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