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Isidro Fainé and Josep Oliu respond ‘no to the proposal

Jorge has been insisting on them from to speak out in public against the sovereignty challenge of Artur. Government seeks to ensure that the most outstanding businessmen in Catalonia position themselves clearly and publicly against the secessionist challenge of Artur Mas. contacts forward.  like and  are not willing to take the risks that such a move Artur  project with the most influential Catalan businessmen and with direct collaborators of Artur .In that list. The names. president of the   president of the United States Chamber of Commerce in Spain of Grupo and Joan president of the among others.

Discreet contacts in La Moncloa and by phone

The sources to which ECD has access explain that with some of them .maintains frequent contacts by telephone; and with others he talks directly in discreet meetings held in the  itself . Most prevent businessmen from suffering harassment and boycott campaigns by the most of Catalonia the sources . In these meetings UAE Phone Number List and conversations .  Mariano Rajoy’s chief of staff asks the senior executives to the extent possible clearly ‘wet’ themselves against Artur Mas’s sovereigntist process and to be the head of the anti-independence movement. Asks them to make public appearances censoring the project promoted by the  .  believes that the position that businessmen are adopting is so far  too lukewarm .

Phone Number list

We don’t have to be politicians

However some of the most important senior executives in Catalonia such as Isidro  and Banco Sabadell are not in the mood t uncomfortable when they have to talk about the consultation .It irritates them that the Government is urging them to stop .They defend that it has to be the President of the Government who makes the Vietnam Phone Number List  move not the businessmen. The role of the businessman is to be in his business to be a politician. The solution must be found by Mas and Rajoy.  Catalan manager who shares and understands the position of and . If the president  if they have been saying for more than a year that they are waiting for one to call the other  what do they want us businessmen to do complains another executive from Barcelona.

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