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What are the benefits internal-linking of internal linking?

.You are reading an interesting article on a website, so you decide to continue browsing. To do this, you click on a link that is suggested to you on a similar topic. You can do this thanks to the fact that the webmaster internal-linking interlinking techniques. Now we want to explain to you what the benefits of internal linking internal-linking  are so that you understand why it does it. Table of Contents What is internal linking or interlinking? Methods for placing internal links  What are the benefits of internal linking? Improve navigation Enhances user experience Transmit authority to the pages you want to position Helps rank for keywords How to plan the interlinking strategy? What is internal linking or interlinking? Interlinking consists of connecting two pages.

How to use your own data?

Suppose you are reading an article about what link building is and the author suggests another article about how to get more backlinks. Since the topic interests you, follow the link. For you Russia Phone Number List it means getting more useful information, while the site owner keeps your attention. That is, it increases browsing time, reduces the bounce rate and draws the bots’ attention to another page that you are  in indexing. Internal links can be found in the menu, at the bottom of the page, as buttons or within the text, among other areas that we identify later. When they are  within the content, they are usually  from the rest so that you can identify them. They also use anchor text that summarizes the topic you are going to find, like in the following image: Post: Google announces more precise data in its search analysis report .

Why is it important to collect internal-linking

Vertical: It is also known as silo linking and links from the main pages to the bottom ones. Horizontal or chain: create links on pages that are at the same level. Mixed: combines chain linking with El-Salvador Phone Number List silo linking. Where can internal links be We have just  some common places where internal links are  within a website. Let’s look at it in more details: In the menu : from here you link to all the important pages of the site. It is very visible and, therefore, has great relevance. Footer or footer : just like in the menu, it links to pages that are more relevant. However, they are less visible. Buttons : They are also links, usually transactional, that seek to attract the user’s attention so that they click and go to the next page. Sidebars .

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