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7 tips to improve the user experience of your website

For Google, offering good content and results to people who use the search engine is key. That is why you should know these tips to improve the user experience of your website , at Web Positioning Salamanca we explain them in detail so that you know how to optimize your website in the face of important algorithm changes that will come in 2021. Table of Contents What is user experience (UX)? What is user experience for? The Google Ranking Page Experience Signal 7 tips to improve the user experience of your website 1. Design your website following conventions 2. Loading speed needs to be optimized 3. Mobile friendly 4. Web design elements that help in UX 5. Optimize the texts 6. Avoid 404 errors 7. Measure Core Web Vitals What is user experience (UX)? At Yoast they say that user experience is how users experience a product.

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Which could be a website, also an app and physical products. In general, it is how a person feels wearing a particular thing. They clarify that the terms user experience are often interchanged with usability Israel Phone Number List because both describe the ease with which a visitor uses your site. But UX is considered a broader concept. A good user experience involves aesthetics, that they get what they are looking for or do what they need with ease. A website can be easy to use, but boring; This means that it offers good usability and not a good experience. What is user experience for? User experience is important for SEO, it should be part of your strategy. Because search engines like Google want to give the best result for a search and for this they not only base themselves on content but on experience.

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A good user experience implies that the person visited your website, different pages, understood what it was about and got what they wanted. By doing this, you minimize errors and abandonment of your Bahamas Whatsapp Number List website in the middle of the conversion funnel. Post: List of Google positioning factors 2020 The Google Ranking Page Experience Signal Earlier this year Google introduced Core Web Vitals or Main Web Metrics, these allow you to measure users’ page experience based on three elements: LCP (Largest Contentful Paint, which translates to Rendering of the largest element with content). This refers to the loading of the web. FID (First Imput Delay, which translates as First Interaction Latency). It refers to the interactivity of the site. CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift, in Spanish Cumulative layout changes).

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