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So you should focus on providing reliable information that Google can verify. Start doing it from your own website. Some suggestions that you should take into account for this are: Include an About Us page with clear information customer service about the entity and what it does. Think about what users would like to know and add it. Also, have a question and answer section with the most frequently asked questions by users. It also includes a contact page so users can contact you. Create content about those products or services that you want to highlight and link to them from the main page. Use structured data to boost local SEO.

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Prioritize plain text, rather than graphic logos, when providing brand information. Post: Essential SEO optimization strategies for 2019 Presence on Wikipedia One of the recommendations to obtain a Lebanon Phone Number List knowledge panel on Google is to publish an article about the brand on Wikipedia. To do this, it is necessary to comply with the site conditions so that the publication is not rejected. If you are a self-confirmed user there are more chances of getting published. Mentions on other sites Apart from Wikipedia there are other sites that provide information to Google, like the ones we mentioned before. Therefore, increasing presence in these will help provide information that will be added to the knowledge graph. Having a LinkedIn profile, for example, will allow you to confirm your information and keep it up to date.

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Still, there will need to be third-party sources for Google to verify the data. In addition to this, if you participate in events or do studies that are published on authority sites you will also get mentions. Google is USA Phone Number List likely to look at this type of publication to assess information about an entity . Generate local reviews User feedback will be useful to build trust and manage your reputation. Reviews are displayed in the local knowledge panel and influence the decision of potential customers. You can get reviews through Google or third-party sites. The knowledge panel is not only a way to gain visibility, but it is another way to communicate with potential clients. Additionally, it will provide them with valuable information that can convince them to close a transaction with your business.

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