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Why is it important to collect your own data?

The contextual ones are those that are found within the content and offer additional information. While navigation ones help the user to go from one page to another, such as the menu, breadcrumbs, buttons, etc. Post: Panda 4.0 Payday Loan 2.0 and the 10 steps if you have been penalized What are the benefits of internal linking? Having an interlinking strategy provides advantages for both users and the website; That is why every web positioning company applies it to improve the SEO of a site. Let’s review what benefits it will have when applying it on your website: Improve navigation Facilitating navigation between pages is one of the main objectives of interlinking. Internal linking provides the user with additional content of interest and maps the path to move through the site.

How to obtain your own data

Thanks to these links it is possible to find the pages you are looking for easily and quickly. Enhances user experience It has to do with the previous point and is that thanks to internal SEO linking we are Saudi Arabia Phone Number List offering valuable content to visitors. So they can easily access other topics that relate to their initial search. By offering them quality content we have the opportunity to answer their questions and keep them on our website. This, in itself, provides us with two other advantages that will favor positioning: Longer time spent on the web. Reduction of the bounce rate. Transmit authority to the pages you want to position Interlinking is an opportunity to tell Google which pages are important and you want them to rank. I

What is first party data

So the bots will crawl it and then index it. And, furthermore, you indicate that this publication is relevant. Helps rank for keywords We can also take advantage of internal linking to give greater Estonia Phone Number List strength to the keywords we want to position. Post: Google: Summary of 2018 in searches Typically, we use the keyword as anchor text, which becomes a signal to Google. Although there are no problems in using the same text to link to a page each time, it is best to vary. By using synonyms we take advantage of more opportunities to position ourselves . Aside from the anchor text, the keyword should also appear in the URL, which also helps improve authority. How to plan the interlinking strategy? We must give interlinking the same importance that we give to the link building strategy, but this does not always happen.

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