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What is it and how to obtain first party data?

The pandemic increased the use of the internet and technology in work, education, as well as in games and social life. This has led to greater concern about privacy and the use of third-party data collected on the Internet. Hence, brands need to know what they are and how to obtain their own data or first party data to improve their marketing strategies. Table of Contents What is first party data? How to obtain your own data or first party data? How to use your own data? Why is it important to collect your own data? How is first-party data different from third-party data? What is first party data? First-party data is data that your own company has collected directly from your audience, customers, site visitors and followers on social networks. It is called first party, because it is you yourself who collects the data, first-hand, to use it in remarketing and other strategies. As it is data that you collect directly from customers, you will be able to understand them better.

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It is considered the most important data because it is your own, unlike third-party data that may be questionable and others might have it too. You collect first party data directly from Singapore Phone Number List the user, and online and offline channels can be used, such as mobile apps, websites, social networks and surveys. Some examples of own data are: Unique visitors and interactions. Demographic data, such as age, gender, income, education, job. Purchase history. Interests. Time on site. Data based on email subscription. Customer feedback. Information from social profiles. Post: Get to know Google Shopping Graph How to obtain your own data or first party data? You can obtain your own data by adding a pixel to your website, product or social media profile to collect information about behavior, actions and records in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and CDP (Customer Data Program).

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CRMs and CDPs help you not only collect data, but also organize it in a centralized platform. This way you can create audience segments and create personalized campaigns. Of course, data Finland Phone Number List management platforms can be a bit expensive for small companies. Google recommends in its publication Driving growth in a changing privacy environment that you offer something to people. Could be: Curated content or product recommendations depending on the person’s interaction with your website or app. Give something in exchange for the information. It can be telling them when their favorite product is in stock. Offer an offer or coupon if they give their email or phone number to receive information. Create a loyalty program. If people register they will receive special benefits.

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