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How to use Instagram reels for your business?

Social networks are essential for businesses today, they are one of the best tools to interact with current and potential customers. Each platform has different characteristics, but there are certain trends that you must follow if you want to stand out. In that sense, we recommend that you learn how to use Instagram reels for your business . Keep reading to know more! Table of Contents What are Instagram reels? How to make reels for my business? Options to edit your reels How to use Instagram reels for your business? Create quality content Follow the trends Share new product launches Not everything is entertainment Publish consistently What are Instagram reels? Instagram reels are a type of content on this social network, they are full-screen vertical videos, which can be up to 90 seconds long.

Publish consistently

They differ from regular videos because you can edit, mix videos, use uploaded content, filters, text, interactive backgrounds, stickers, audio (songs and voice) and much more. Reels are different from InstagramĀ France Phone Number List stories, the latter are d after 24 hours. Once you share a reel it will be available in the reel section of your profile until you delete it. They are very popular and, in the beginning, were this platform’s response to the growing popularity of TikTok. This type of content has beenĀ  by the Instagram algorithm and attracts a lot of users’ attention. Reels are more likely to appear as a recommendation to people who do not follow you than traditional posts. Post: 10 tips to earn more by making your clients smile #infographic Additionally, on the Instagram home page there is a section dedicated to popular reels. You can access it through the central icon at the bottom. How to make reels for my business? If you are familiar with TikTok and Instagram it won’t cost you much to start making reels, but you can still learn, it’s simple.

Not everything is entertainment

You can also go to the editor by swiping left from the camera. Upload the videos. You record by pressing the record button to capture the images or upload a video that you already Austria Phone Number List have on your device. A series of clips or one at a time. It gives you the option of having a timer so you can start recording hands-free. You can also stop recording and then tap to start again, then you can align for transitions. After you have recorded, edit your reels. You can add stickers, drawings, texts. You have many creative tools. Adjust reel settings. This process involves identifying who your audience is, what their search intent is, finding out what the competition is doing, and identifying the best way to present your content. Added to this is the search for keywords and semantic keywords, but we will expand on this later. The first steps for you to learn about SEO for bloggers are as follows: Know the user You are writing for someone to read your content, not for search engine bots.

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