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How to attract customers to your physical store important business season

After a difficult year for everyone, the time has come when retail has a chance to recover. At Web Positioning Salamanca we tell you how to attract customers to your physical store at Christmas so that you can take important business season advantage of these dates. The main thing is to understand how to use digital channels for this purpose. Table of Contents Customers want to be iCombine online and offline channels How to attract customers to your physical store at Christmas Help plan purchases Have catalogs of your products Usa Google My Business Give relevance to the local Discounts and prizes Advertise on Google and social networks Customers want to be Customer experience and purchasing habits have undergone a profound change this year.

 Such an important business season

And part of the process of making a purchase online involves finding all the necessary information before completing the transaction . Wanting to know the characteristics of a product, where to buy it, compare prices, etc. It’s not entirely new. However, searches of this type have in times of pandemic. And, along with these, the consumer also wants Argentina WhatsApp Number List to know the hygiene measures that are n the stores or if they have a product collection service. Since Christmas is such an important business season, you need to provide as much information as possible. Helping them plan the purchase will be essential to attract customers to my store. Post: The importance of measuring ROI in digital marketing Combine online and offline channels Although it is  that a large part of purchases are made online, we must not forget the physical store.

The goal is to achieve visibility

This way you will take advantage of the date to recover from the inconveniences that 2020 could have brought to your business. Christmas is an opportunity for sales, but you must know how to combine your online Hungary WhatsApp Number List and offline channels. The first will be your main support to bring customers to your physical store, especially at this time. If you have been involved in online marketing for some time, you will know that having SEO positioning strategies is essential. The goal is to achieve visibility in search engines when users ask a query related to your business. Through the website or social networks you can offer information about your business, the products it offers; also inform about opening hours, purchasing options, etc. This is just part of what you can do.

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