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Why should your business have an online store? includes aspects such

You are limited in the number of characters or words in the description, in the use of images, logos. In general, there aren’t many ways to personalize or show off your brand. The above is because the most important brand is the marketplace itself and not yours. So, you have little space to make your brand known and achieve recognition. In most cases, people will remember that they bought your product in a marketplace and will not have your brand in their mind. As a business owner, you want people to associate your product with your brand, and to remember your name when they think about needing what you sell.

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Your own website will help you have control over how it looks, what you say, and how the store works. Post: 12 important metrics for your online marketing campaign You will be able to create Cameroon WhatsApp Number List specific marketing campaigns and much more. You will know your audience better Another advantage of having an online store for your business is that you will be able to know your buyers better. Including demographics like their location, how they found your website, and more, Google Analytics will be a great tool for this. You will be able to analyze their behavior, what pages they viewed and their journey to purchase. If by analyzing traffic sources you know where the majority of your clients come from, you will be able to create better campaigns.

Includes aspects such your brand branding

You will even be able to know what happens to those who are not making the purchase; That is, see the bounce rate and understand why they are leaving your website on certain pages. It may be confusing or Latvia Phone Number List complicated to complete purchases, or there may be many cart abandonments. So you’ll have to think about how to fix this. You set your own rules in your ecommerce By having your own online store you will be able to control what happens inside it, its optimization and more. For example, you can add photos and videos of products. In your own online store you can control the web design , which includes aspects such as navigation, color scheme, theme. Also decide where to put the buttons and texts.

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