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Complete guide to calculate the working day step by step

Although there are different labor laws that affect people management. Some processes and areas of Human calculate the working Resources are essential when leading teams. Are not given attention until we are in the position of doing them. Calculating the working hours of our workers is important. On the one hand, to comply with current regulations and thus avoid sanctions . On the other hand, to avoid squeezing the energy of our professionals and improve their employee experience in our project. Why calculate the working day? Calculating the working day is important in the management of people and teams. Applicants must be offered one day’s offer or another, along with their respective salary. In the same way, depending on the demands of the project, we will need to invest more or less resources in personnel.

Maximum working day

On the one hand, the hours of the working day to be calculated will depend on the collective agreement and current legislation. In this case, in Spain a full-time work day cannot exceed hours per calculate the working week and hours per day. Yes, more hours can be worked in some particular Fax Lists cases, and these will become overtime. However, these also have a maximum and can be compensated through different mechanisms. Minors should not do more than 8 hours of work, including rest and training processes. Extra hours However, the law does offer the option of exceeding 40 hours per week through overtime . On the other hand, we have complementary hours . In this case, however, the conditions require that the contract be part-time, with a minimum weekly working day of 10 hours.

Data to calculate the working day

There are a series of aspects that will define the total of a working day. And that will vary depending on the company, the type of work or the year in which we find ourselves. We must always take these conditions into account when calculating the working day. The days of the year, since it CA Cell Numbers can be leap or normal Saturdays and Sundays. As well as holidays at the national, local and regional level. The number of hours necessary to perform the tasks will also be essential, since counting full-time and part-time working hours will not be the same. What should we consider? In this way, if we are in a normal year we will count 335 working days. Instead of the that include weekends and holidays. On the other hand, we must also consider the 30 days of annual leave established by law. This data will become information by showing us the annual total of days that an employee can work under their contract. For example, from these 335 days we will have to subtract.

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