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Google wants you to be more mobile friendly

Use tools like Similarweb that will show you sites similar to yours. Research the competition on sites like Ubersuggest or SEMRush, they also allow you to see sites with the same theme Look at who the audience follows on social networks and forums. Through backlink analysis you can also identify the competition. How to identify competitor keywords? After knowing who your competitors are, you can begin to identify and analyze the keywords they use. Keyword tools will be very helpful during the process, as they allow you to “spy” on other websites and make comparisons between various sites. Post: Google wants you to be more mobile friendly Let’s say you’ve identified some competitors through social media. You can go to each of the websites and see what content they are publishing. However, this manual search would take a long time. On the other hand, with the tools.

User-centered content

Not only will you know how many keywords your competitors have positioned, but which of them are the same ones you have worked on on your website. In addition, you will find other keywords that you have not Kazakhstan Phone Number List positioned for, but that might interest you. For example, a lifestyle website finds cupcakesandcashmere.com among its competitors. By analyzing the site’s domain in the MOZ keyword tool you will see how many keywords you rank for, what they are, and where they rank. As it appears in the image: From this search the website owner will analyze which ones are relevant to his site and which ones are better to discard. Apart from MOZ, another tool that allows you to do a similar analysis from the URL is Ubersuggest. Find keywords through ads Another way to understand how to spy on your competition.

Key elements of a landing page

That is, the site expects it to provide real benefits, which is why it relies on ads. You can use SEMRush to see the paid keywords that a specific site has. When you receive the results you can see which of those Switzerland Phone Number List words you can include in your strategy. This doesn’t mean you also have to pay for an ad, but you could create content to attract organic traffic with them. Post: 8 basic SEO aspects for your content Identify the unique terms a site uses Unique keywords are terms that only one site has ranked for. With your list of competitors in hand, compare the sites in SEMRush, in the Keyword Gap tab. You can apply several filters to this analysis. By choosing “unique” you will see the keywords that only the main site you have placed has ranked.

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