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This functionality is part of Google Shopping, which is a tool that works in real time. Therefore, the information is updated periodically. The graph is responsible for relating and comparing information between brands and entities automatically. This is a good use of artificial intelligence in marketing . This way, it shows users, in the form of a list, product options that fit the search term and intent. How does Google Shopping Graph work? Google Shopping Graph’s main objective is to enhance the user experience when purchasing. That is, to impact consumers who are actively or constantly searching for a specific product they want to purchase. It achieves this by showing them a list where they can see the most relevant products with their respective characteristics while they search to make their purchases.

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The Google shopping graph obtains all the data of interest to consumers by analyzing the sites and web pages of stores and merchants. As well as prices, reviews, videos, inventory data and others. Post: Tips to Israel Phone Number List attract a B2B audience The system is capable of providing information such as what products are near the consumer and if they are in stock. But the information displayed will always depend on the latest updates from the stores or retailers. Google Shopping Graph can span all Google platforms. That is, you will not only discover products through the search engine, but also by watching videos on YouTube or researching store locations on Google Maps.

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Even if you look at screenshots of some product on Google Photos. Shopify Partnership The features of Google Shopping Graph are great, but the problem is that many consumers still don’t see and take advantage of South Korea Phone Number List Google’s potential for shopping. That is why the company has taken some measures since the beginning of the pandemic, such as allowing merchants to sell their products completely free of charge. That is to say. that the non-paid listings selected by the algorithm will appear first in the Google Shopping tab. Another of Google’s actions was the partnership with Shopify, a very popular online commerce CMS. This indicates that merchants on said platform can show their products in the search engine, Google Shopping, image search, YouTube, Google Maps and other services.

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