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Google answers How long does it take to position new pages?

In the latest episode of AskGooglebot, on the Google Search Central YouTube channel, John Mueller explains how long it takes to rank new pages . That is, how long it takes Google to index a page and how you can  up the process. From Web Positioning Salamanca we explain the topic in more detail. Table of Contents The Google index How long does it take to rank new pages? What can you do to speed up Google indexing? Make sure your server can handle the traffic Work on internal links Avoid unnecessary URLs on your website Submit your URLs to Google Have a quality website External aspects that can influence positioning The Google index In order for your page to be in the first places on Google, the search engine must first carry out a series of processes.

Work on internal links

Which in the end will allow it to appear in the results. There are no magic formulas to achieve this, you cannot pay the search engine to crawl or index you faster. Google follows three steps to generate the Ivory Coast Phone Number List results, which are crawling, indexing, and publishing or ranking . Crawling allows them to know the pages on the web. This is done by constantly searching the internet.  It has a link from one that Google already knows, by sending sitemaps to Google. Google knows the new URL and the Google bot drags it to understand it and see what it is about. Process text and visual elements. And,  on what it sees, it decides whether to show it in the results. Post: 8 basic HTML elements for SEO Crawling is  by indexing.

Google answers How Avoid unnecessary

It is a process in which Google understands what the page is about and stores it in its index, which is a very large database. In indexing, the bot processes each page to understand its content. Analyze text, tags, attributes, images Tunisia Phone Number List and more. The last step to generate the results is publication. This means that when a person makes a query on Google. The search engine goes to its database (index) to give them the best answer to that question. via GIPHY How long does it take to rank new pages? Google’s answer to the question of how long new page SEO takes is that it depends . It can take a few hours or a few weeks for the search engine to index a page. “In practice, good content is  and  within a week,” says Mueller.

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