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Get to know Google Shopping Graph

Google always seeks to facilitate user actions and benefit brands and companies that have a digital presence. From Web Positioning Salamanca we invite you to learn about Google Shopping Graph . This is one of the latest updates to improve the consumer experience. Table of Contents Advantages and disadvantages of Google Shopping Advantages Disadvantages What is Google Shopping Graph? How does Google Shopping Graph work? Shopify Partnership Common questions about Google Shopping How can I find what I’m looking for? Can you buy directly on Google Shopping? How to sell products through Google Shopping? Advantages and disadvantages of Google Shopping Google Shopping is a service that allows you to see the products and characteristics of these that stores have decided to show through this means.

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It has functions that provide your company with great benefits and some not so positive aspects that you should consider before starting to use it. Advantages Increase your visibility: Products that are Hungary Phone Number List on Google Shopping are displayed in Google search results, so a large number of people will be able to see them. This in turn helps improve your web positioning . Generates more confidence in users: Since in Google Shopping each product has its respective photographs and information, the customer knows if it is what they are looking for. Additionally, having a company display its merchandise in this service makes them appear more professional and trustworthy than others. Disadvantages One of the main disadvantages of Google Shopping is that you compete with ecommerce or companies of large size, renown and reach.

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Which means that many consumers prefer to purchase their products from them and not from smaller or retail stores. Post: Positive effects of having better loading times on mobile phones Another aspect South Africa Phone Number List that you should consider is that in order to publish your products on Google Shopping, one of the requirements is that you demonstrate that the website on which you sell is yours and must have an SSL certificate. These are elements that not everyone possesses. What is Google Shopping Graph? It is a shopping chart that takes and gathers information related to important product data. Such as websites, prices, videos, reviews and others. Much of the information is provided directly by the respective brands or retailers. We can also define Google Shopping Graph as a database or a set of data about products and merchants.

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