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can guest posting or contributing to other websites help

But first it must be clarified that this depends on the search engine algorithm. These change often with the intention of making navigation easier for users. Therefore, you must keep an eye on the updates that are made because these can affect your website for better or worse. Additionally, as algorithms are updated, specialists evaluate the changes and make recommendations to webmasters to apply to their sites. Post: What are Google robots and what do they do? It means that to apply an effective SEO strategy you have to update yourself on the changes of Google and other engines. However, the tricks that we present here will be very useful to you. 1. Choose the right keywords To position your website within a certain niche you have to carry out keyword research to select the correct keywords .

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Keywords are those terms that users use to find content through search engines. While Internet users use them to find the information they are looking for; For you, as the owner of a website, they will be Kuwait Phone Number List useful to position it. From an SEO point of view, they are important to boost the entire site or a particular page. In addition, they will help you define its structure. To find the right keywords, put yourself in the user’s shoes and think about how they would find you. The keywords have to be related to what is going to be found on the web . They can be your brand name, but also other terms. There are tools like Google Adwords that will help you find the best terms to position them. 2. Have a good domain name The domain name or URL is the address through which users will enter your site. A good name should be clear, direct, easy to remember and summarize what your website is about . When search engines rank your site, the first thing they will look at is the URL.

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Hence the importance of referring to what people are going to find on the internal pages. It is no coincidence that the first point of this post was to identify the keywords. And to choose the domain you must Bolivia WhatsApp Number List be clear about what they are. Users’ search terms are more likely to be similar to the content on your website. Brand name is also a great option. via GIPHY 3. Optimize the pages you are interested in positioning Each page that you want to position in search engines must be optimized so that they are recognized individually. To do this you have to add meta title and meta description in each of them. This data is what will appear in the SERPs when related searches are made. The metadata must contain the keywords chosen for each page. The appropriate length for the title is between 55 and 65 characters (with spaces) and for the description between 150 and 160. The keywords should also be in the headers, in the anchor text, alt text of the photos, etc.

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