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Keys to creating SEO friendly content

Do you want to attract traffic to your website or blog? Every post you make must be optimized to achieve this. Check that you comply with these keys to create SEO friendly content that we explain in Web Positioning Salamanca. Table of Contents Get organic traffic with better content Write for the audience Keys to creating SEO friendly content 1. Optimize for a main keyword and add variations 2. Use a persuasive title 3. Optimized metadata 4. Make the text readable 5. Give the importance it deserves to design 6. Include visual content Get organic traffic with better content If you have a website, one of your goals is to attract organic traffic, without paying for ads. At the same time, this is one of the biggest challenges because it is not easy to convince either search engines or users that your content is good.

Include visual content

To achieve this, your posts must have value and be useful to users. As well as taking into account what their needs, preferences and emotions are. Knowing your audience closely is essential when Cayman Island WhatsApp Number List  creating content. On the other hand, you should also think about optimization for SEO positioning . Search engines have a series of rules they follow to display results in SERPs. And your site must take them into account if you want it to appear well positioned. That combination of good positioning along with quality content will help you get more organic traffic. This is where the concept of SEO Friendly content appears . If your posts understand the needs of the audience, fit their search intent, answer their questions, are easy to read and persuasive, then they are SEO friendly. In addition, they must have a good design, load quickly and be supported by audiovisual material. The benefits of publishing good content include increased visibility and brand recognition.

 Make the text readable

If the audience is satisfied with your content, search engines will notice it and reflect it in the results. SEO friendly content applies the rules of search engines, but its priority is visitors. Write for the audience Luxembourg Phone Number List Every piece of content you are going to publish must have a reason for being. While technical SEO is important, users are even more important. Therefore, you must always start from what they want. Post: Web Positioning Salamanca: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017! To understand what SEO friendly is, we must also talk about the user’s search intention . This is what will help you understand what they are looking for in each query they make. The task of content creators is to respond to that search intent. This implies that publications should not focus only on the business or the products it offers; but in how they solve the audience’s problems. You can understand what users’ intention is by analyzing the words they use in their queries.

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