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What to do to get a knowledge panel on Google?

In addition, it gives the opportunity to stand out among competitors, attracting the customer’s attention to the panel. And if what you want is to obtain information about the competition, you can also get it. It even helps you know who the competition is, thanks to the Also Searched section. The reviews of the business are also displayed in the knowledge panel and this is beneficial for SEO. On the one hand, it helps to keep information about an entity updated and, on the other hand, it helps to generate trust among users. Other usable features within the knowledge panel are questions and answers, links to the website and social networks, checking product availability, etc. The possibility of sharing the panel information on social networks is another advantage since you gain even more visibility thanks to user action. The possibilities offered by this section are very broad. If you know how to take advantage of all these features you will improve web positioning .

Benefits for SEO

What to do to get a knowledge panel on Google? First of all, remember that the panel is generated automatically. That is, it is possible that a business that has been in the market for some time appears in this Latvia Phone Number List section. In that case, the official representative can claim it and update the information. Post: How to identify competitor keywords? If you want to edit the Google knowledge panel you must suggest the changes to the search engine. To do this, after claiming it, you have to enter the account associated with the entity you represent. Next, you go to the Suggest an edit section that appears in the entity’s knowledge panel. From there you make suggestions, detailing the changes you want to make. After this, Google will review the suggestions by comparing them with the information available on the web.

Entities without knowledge panel

You may ask for supporting documentation. If you accept the changes it will add them to the knowledge graph. Google details step by step how to update the knowledge panel on its website. In the case of Uruguay Phone Number List  the local knowledge panel, Google presents it as a business profile. This appears in searches for a specific location and you need to create a profile on Google My Business . By adding your business to Google My Business you can manage your business information and keep it up to date. Entities without knowledge panel If you want to know how to have a knowledge panel on Google if the entity you represent does not have one, what you should do is add information about it so that it is included in the knowledge graph. How can you do it? There are different ways to increase your presence in the sources from which Google obtains information. These include sites such as Wikipedia – the most common .

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