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Engine will probably have no problems crawling

The crawl budget is set by Google for each site automatically, and is different for each one. As in everything the search engine does, the factors it takes into account to determine this are different. Among them the size of the site, the server, updates and links. The crawl budget may increase or decrease depending on the crawl status, limits set by you or Google. Crawl frequency is not an indicator of the quality or lack thereof of your site. Being more often will not help you rank better either. Because if robots enter your website more, but it does not have quality content, you will not improve your web positioning . Remember that tracking is not a signal of ranking. And Google increasingly takes into account the user experience, and, therefore, the quality of the content you present to it. Most website owners should not worry about this metric.

Other ways to use Google Alerts

In Google Search Console you can configure the crawl frequency at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/settings, not to increase it, but to limit it. This is available in the old Tools and Reports. They recommend Finland Phone Number List using it only if Google appears to be overloading your site with crawl requests. On the other hand, if you want Google to crawl new content faster, you can use the Indexing Coverage Status Report or the Search Console URL Inspection Tool. Or you can also submit the sitemap again. This way you can ask Google to see several URLs on your site. Not all pages on your website are This statement is given by Google’s John Mueller, on the Google Search Central YouTube channel , where they answer several user queries.

Get inspiration and good references

Post: 7 SEO tips for your e-commerce – Part I Mueller gave a clear answer, indicating how the quality of the site is important for the Google bot to index more pages of it: “Probably a bit of both. Usually if we are Saudi Arabia Phone Number List talking about small sites, then it is not always the case that we are by the crawl capacity, which is the Crawl Budget side. If we are talking about a site that has a million pages, then consider looking at the Budget crawl. But for small sites the chances (of it affecting them) are lower.” Mueller how the quality of a site affects its crawling and indexing, but that it is not something that is to an individual URL.  It is not that they areof poor quality by Google. But “in general, we consider that this website is perhaps of lower quality.

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