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CTA has to stand out from the rest

As for the content, it must be clear and of quality. To make a landing page successful, you must give it visibility. On their own it is difficult to get traffic, so it is recommended to invest in online ads. Key elements of a landing page In addition to the characteristics we just mentioned, for a landing page to achieve the desired results it must have the following elements. Title and subtitle The title should not be missing from a landing page, it should be clear, direct and convincing. When viewing it, the user has to know what they will find on the page. Regarding the format, the title stands out from the rest of the text. For its part, the subtitle acts as a complement to the title, adding additional content. Both elements will convince the visitor to see the rest of the page.

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Therefore they must be creative and real, do not try to deceive the user. User-centered content Every marketing strategy includes market segmentation and landing pages are another tool in your strategy. Post: How to Kenya Phone Number List run a successful remarketing campaign So when creating the landing page you must know who it is aimed at, their interests and what purchasing phase they are in. For example, if it’s someone who just discovered your product, you might want them to subscribe to the newsletter to send them more information. Or if the visitor is in the consideration phase, they probably want a whitepaper with the details of how it works. The tone of the language and the structure of the page must respond to the user. Although the texts must be specific, the length largely depends on the type of product.

Preferably at the top of the page

The more expensive they tend to be, the longer they are. Call to action Any guide on how to make a landing page will prioritize the CTA or call to action. And without this, a landing page makes no sense. The call to action is what tells the visitor what the next step to take is. The purpose of the CTA is to achieve conversion. The button with the CTA has Taiwan Phone Number List to stand out from the rest, for this a color that contrasts with the other elements is used. The text, for its part, has to be striking, clear, concrete and convincing. Place the call to action in a visible place, with enough white space around it so that it doesn’t get lost among the rest of the elements. And preferably at the top of the page. Although in most cases we will see it as a button.

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