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Content ideas to post on LinkedIn

The professional environment that this social network offers us is ideal for making contacts and generating sales. But what are the content ideas to publish on LinkedIn that will help us achieve this? We help you find the publications that work best. Table of Contents What should you look for with the content you share? Where to publish content? What content formats to publish on LinkedIn? Content ideas to post on LinkedIn Share valuable information Attract your audience’s attention with videos Promote products and services Images with sector data Share your company events What should you look for with the content you share? LinkedIn is a tool that gives you the opportunity to grow your company or personal brand. On this platform you can network , distribute content, publish job offers, generate sales opportunities, etc. You can also direct traffic to your website, which will help you boost SEO positioning . The platform has proven to be effective and has had constant growth in recent years.

Share your company events

ake advantage of the potential it has to demonstrate the experience you have in your industry. The content for LinkedIn companies that will help you achieve this is news from the industry and from the Italy Phone Number List  company itself. The publications on your website, as well as the advice and valuable information that you share on your profile. For example, the latest industry statistics, changes in regulations, tips and tricks, etc. Get closer to your audience and create a bond, humanize the company. Make your successes and failures known, interact, participate in interest groups and respond to the messages they leave you. Post: Increase your followers on Twitter easily Use this social network to generate a community around your brand or company. To achieve this you have to stay active, know your audience and publish content that interests them. Where to publish content? One of the advantages of LinkedIn is the publishing options. You can share content on your personal profile timeline and on the company page.

Images with sector data

You can also post to groups you join. When you do this make sure they are groups that relate to the industry. And, likewise, what you are going to share has to be of interest to the rest of the members. Another way to share information is through comments. As we mentioned in the previous case, these should be timely and relate to the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List conversation. Comments must provide value. For example, you can add extra information that complements the main publication. LinkedIn users can filter comments to see the most relevant ones. So don’t waste the opportunity to make an interesting one. The platform’s private messages are another channel to send content. There are several considerations you should make if you use them for this purpose. First, not be invasive, segment the audience so that you send messages to people who really interest you. Secondly, personalize the message to generate closeness. Finally, do not send mass messages, know your audience well to know who your message can be useful to. What content formats to publish on LinkedIn? If you are going to create content for LinkedIn, familiarize yourself with the formats you can use.

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