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22 online marketing tools you should use (2021)

Having less contact with people and saving the cost of shipping. 9. Make the product exchange policy clear When preparing your online store for the holiday season, take into account that many of the purchases will be gifts, and they may not fit well or be liked by those who received them. By having clear product exchange policies you will avoid any inconvenience in this process. Have the exchange policies and conditions in a visible place, including instructions for doing so. If you have a very strict change policy for the holidays you run the risk of losing sales. During this time, it’s best to be a little more flexible and give customers more convenient options for returning or exchanging products. 10. Create a Christmas marketing strategy Do you still have doubts about how to prepare your ecommerce for the end of the year sales? There is a key aspect that is having a marketing strategy.

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Prepare the marketing plan in time. In October the preparation for Black Friday begins and in November for Christmas and New Year. If you are going to use influencers, also contact them Egypt Phone Number List well in advance. Search engine optimization is also very important. Results from SEO campaigns take months, so start as soon as possible. Adopt promotional strategies. For example, for Cyber ​​Day you can offer free shipping, it is a great purchase incentive. On the other hand, at Christmas, it is better to give customers ultra-fast shipping. Organize contests and special gifts for your clients. You can appeal to feelings at Christmas, ask people to comment on their best Christmas and give them a prize for the best story. If your budget allows, take advantage of online advertising.

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Organic traffic is very important, but with paid ads on Facebook and Instagram you can help complete your strategy. via GIPHY 11. Develop a customer service strategy Customer service is very important when Poland Phone Number List  there is as much competition and offer as there is now. Prepare a strategy to answer and handle any questions and concerns customers have about your products or services. Have all the information available. Have a team prepared for customer service. You must have at least one person who is responsible for answering the phone, email and social networks. Always leave contact information visible on your website.Prepare your store for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, then for holiday sales.

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