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What is considered a good marketing strategy?

This generates the need in users to answer it and thus access your content. This method is very effective. An example of this is: “Do you know the 5 strangest places in the world? Click and discover them.” Reference lists Numbered or listed data always attracts users’ attention . This is because this type of content is generally easier to read and understand. In addition, they are a summarized but objective version of a specific topic and arouse curiosity. According to multiple studies, people like What is considered a good  or are attracted to headlines with numbers more than without them. Titles like “5 tips to succeed in social networks” or “Get to know the 10 best cities in Spain” and similar will surely generate good results. Post: Tips to succeed in content marketing in 2020 Place imperative verbs Imperative verbs are those used to give orders or tell a person what to do directly.

Implement, evaluate and adapt

This modality helps you tell the audience the action you want them to take. Headlines like “Find out the best time of year to travel to Europe” or copy like “try the free version.” They are Argentina WhatsApp Number List good examples. Be short and concise When writing a title or description make sure they are not too long. And that your audience can understand what the content is about before accessing it. Generates curiosity, suspense and mystery Create headlines that generate in the public the need to discover what the mystery is hidden in the content. For example, “Tricks to be a better cook that you should know.” Generates positive emotions Focus on generating positive emotions in the audience. These are more effective in creating interest in the public. Avoid thinking exclusively about receiving many clicks A very common mistake is to apply clickbait thinking only of getting many clicks and visits to your content. And forget about generating headlines and phrases that help retain customers.

Use the tools for your marketing plan

The clickbait strategy is just a complement. So you must combine it with other digital marketing strategies for you to be successful. On the other hand, it is important that the language you use is Honduras Phone Number List appropriate, and that the themes are oriented to your buyer persona. Don’t forget that the title must be consistent with the information you are promoting. Advantages and disadvantages of using clickbait As we mentioned, this well-applied strategy will generate multiple benefits. But you should also know its negative aspects before making the decision whether to start applying it. Post: How to migrate to Google Analytics 4? Advantages Arouse the interest of users by making them click on certain links. Helps increase web traffic. Improves the positioning of a page or website. This happens because search engine robots consider content relevant. It is a way to position your website in the first places on Google . In the case of ads, it increases the CTR.

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