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Can partnerships with complementary businesses or brands help in attracting traffic?

Increase your online visibility: people use the Internet to make purchasing decisions, they trust what other users say and what they find on Google. If they see you in the top positions, they will think that you have more clients and are trustworthy. Increase your web traffic: being in the top positions on Google ensures more traffic, it is  that more than 70% of web traffic is  there. On the second page this figure drops to 6%. You gain trust: Being on the first page of the SERP tells people that Google approves of you in some way, and that will give you trust. Increase engagement: if you earn Google’s trust with good content, you will have material to promote your business. And little by little you will get more engagement. How to position my website in the first places on Google.

SEO optimization among others

Some of them are keyword search, on-page and off-page SEO optimization, among others that we will name throughout this post. Keyword search If you want to position yourself on Google, this Nigeria Phone Number List step is one of the first steps you should take. It’s about doing a keyword search . All people enter a phrase or word into the search engine to find what they want, and you must know which ones are  with your business and what you offer, which is why it is important to master this topic. According to technopedia , for SEO a keyword is: In the context of SEO, it is a particular word or phrase that describes the content of a web page. Keywords are  to act as shortcuts that summarize an entire page.

Keywords are part of the page’s metadata

At one time keywords were everything for SEO. This  many experts to begin to fall into keyword stuffing to position the website. Which consists of filling the pages with keywords. Today this Colombia WhatsApp Number List practice is . SEO for marketplace: How to optimize your products Currently key phrases are important. They are only one of several factors that Google takes into account to position a website. It is increasingly important to give context to Google bots and users using LSI and adapting to semantic searches . Best practices in keyword search: Know what your customers are looking for .

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