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By Joining the Company’s Board in January 2021

The roots of this family empire trace back to the 19th century when James Irving’s grandfather left Scotland to establish a general store and delve into lumber and farming enterprises.

Although he stepped down as president and CEO in September 2014, his influence remains substantial. Couche-Tard made significant acquisitions over the years, including the Circle K chain in 2003 and later the Holiday Stationstores and CST Brands chains in 2017. Notably, the company attempted a major move by proposing a $20 billion acquisition of the French food retailer Carrefour in early 2021.

Boasting an impressive 1.25 During By Joining the Company’s  she can million acres of land.

However, this deal faced opposition from the French government and did not materialize. He rightfully earned his place among the richest men in Canada. 8. Arthur Irving Net Worth: $5.9B Age: 93 Arthur Irving, originally from New Brunswick, holds full ownership of Irving Oil, a company engaged in gas stations and oil refineries. This ownership is  Indonesia Mobile Number Database facilitated through the Arthur Irving Family Trust, highlighting his deep-rooted connection to the business. The Irving legacy traces back to his grandfather, James Dergavel Irving, who established the family enterprise during the late 1800s. Following in this lineage, Arthur Irving’s father, Kenneth Colin (K.C) Irving, expanded the family’s business to include oil operations in the 1920s. After K.C. Irving’s passing in 1992, Arthur and his two brothers undertook the task of dividing the family empire. Notably, Arthur’s brother James Irving.

James Irving’s sons, Jim and Robert Irving, now serve as co-CEOs, overseeing the extensive J.D.

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Also a billionaire, assumed leadership over a diversified conglomerate spanning shipbuilding to forestry. Another significant member of the Irving family German Phone Number List was John Irving, affectionately known as Jack, who led the family’s construction operations and held a stake in Irving Oil. Unfortunately, Jack passed away in 2010. In 2018, a pivotal development occurred when The Arthur Irving Family Trust made a strategic move, acquiring the ownership stake from Jack Irving’s family.

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