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Tools with artificial intelligence for content marketing

But now you have tools like Summarizer, which summarizes the most important points so you save reading time. Summarizer is easy to use, upload the document or paste the text you want to summarize. Then choose if you want it to show you a list and the best phrase within the result and proceed to summarize. You can also choose the length of the summary. The tool will present the content in a clear and easy to understand way. In addition to preserving the meaning of the original text. It is available in six languages, including Spanish. 4. Quillbot Among the tools with artificial intelligence for content marketing that we mention today, this is one of the most complete. Quillbot summarizes the text you want and presents it to you in paragraphs or in the form of a list showing the key sentences.

Higher quality of texts

Like the previous one, it allows you to choose the length of the summary. But this is not its only function. It also has a writing assistant, a function to paraphrase texts, grammar and plagiarism Poland Phone Number List control. An additional function it has is the citation generator, in which you choose the citation style you need, add the URL and the tool presents all the information. Post: You now have Google voice search available from your PC Apart from citing websites, it gives the option for books and newspapers. You may have to add some data manually. You can only use some of the features in the premium version and it is only available in English. 5. Textmetrics It is a writing assistant that is described as inclusive. Their specialty is helping you write ads without gender bias or bias of any kind, as well as optimized.

Why trust artificial intelligence

Use clear, easy-to-understand language and suggest changes in real time to improve the texts. The tool makes suggestions for SEO optimization, has a module for synonym analysis, as Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List  well as keyword analysis, and analyzes content quality. Among the languages ​​it supports is Spanish. 6. Copy AI For those who work in post and advertising writing, Copy AI will help break down creative blocks and create higher quality and effective ads. You will have the text of your ads ready in three steps. First you choose the type of copy you want, then you make a brief description of the product. Finally, the tool will return ten results, you choose and edit the one you prefer. You can create ads for Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, product descriptions, email subjects, content for social networks.

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